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Hotrod and Shabazz fuck each other hard at ThugBoy

Hotrod and Shabazz flip fuck

Hotrod n Shabazz bumpin into each other in New York, the two plannin to get ready for some party later on, but before that can happen they gon go back to Hotrod’s place and fuck til they bust. Gotta get some energy out first before hittin tha club. Hotrod is the first to get some ass slayin in, and after he’s satisfied it’s Shabazz’s turn to fuck Hotrod til they both nut and swap some cum!

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Baby Star fucks Ralphh Laurin

Baby Star callin up some bitch but her brother picks up the phone, so he invites the fool over to his place cuz both of these horny motherfuckas are bored as fuck. So they get down and dirty right away with Baby Star leading the way and gettin all naked and gettin his dick sucked.

Ralphh wants more than that though, he wants to feel that big dick right in his ass stuffin him and bouncin off that pipe. Baby Star gets in them cakes real deep making Ralphh scream for more and more til they both exhaust in fireworks of nut.

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