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Gabriel Clark fucks Jake Bass

Gabriel Clark fucks Jake Bass

Gabriel Clark was being his usual self – a cum-starved pigster – so he decided to do what he does best – find himself some boy to drill until his favorite juice starts sperming out of the boy’s cock so he could satisfy his thirst. So he found Jake Bass – Cockyboys’ newest exclusive addition.

Jake had heard of the legendary Gabriel Clark and decided to put his hole to the test. He knew there was only one man who could initiate his bottom career and it had to be done right. So it worked out for both of them – by the end of the scene Jake was taking it like a real man and Gabriel was drowning himself in Jake’s load which went straight down his throat. It’s a win-win for Cockyboys.

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Sex in Public with Ricky Sinz

Gay sex in public places

In this week’s Out In Public update I’m here chilling with my boy Ricky Sinz and this guy is horny! We snatch the first guy we see and start throwing some game his way til the dude just agrees to everything we say.

It was pretty I have to admit but hey I guess the dude liked my boy Rick and all the sins they were about to commit! So he comes with us and my boy just lets this guy have it in every which way — well, only one way if you know what I mean. I hope you guys enjoy this update. It was quite surprising how easy we snatched this guy from the streets, but hey at the end we all had some fun and that’s all that really matters.

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AJ Banks fucks Tristan Sterling

Circle Jerk Boys

There’s going to be plenty of Sunshine this week on CircleJerkBoys.com, as we welcome Florida boys AJ Banks and newcomer Tristan Sterling. Tristen is hungry and found some old marshmallow peeps from Halloween. AJ walks in and asks him why he’s eating those? “I’m just really hungry and I need something in my mouth” AJ decides to save the day as he stands and offers up his hard dick.

Tristen’s onboard instantly as he drops to his knees in front of AJ and gets to work. AJ moans as he holds Tristen’s head and bobs him on it wanting to get it in even deeper. AJ then gets Tristen on his back; straddles his chest and starts to fuck his mouth. Tristen just looks up at AJ as he gets his face fucked. AJ then returns the favor as he takes out Tristen’s cock and shoves it so deep he makes himself gag on it.

Then they take the party south and get into a hot 69 so that they could get as much cocks as they want. Tristen then straddles AJ’s cock and teases him a bit before arching his back  and sitting on it. AJ moans as he gets that throbbing cock buried all the way. Once he gets used to that dick inside him Tristen starts to ride that dick with ease groaning as he bounces on it.

AJ then stands Tristen up and bends him over so that he can tap that ass doggy style. Tristen just begs for more as AJ slaps that ass and fucks him even harder. Missionary is next as AJ gets Tristen on his back; lifts up his legs and gets to work pumping that ass with his hard cock.

Tristen starts jacking his cock off faster and begs AJ to make him cum. AJ slams it in harder as Tristen blows all over himself and once he does AJ pulls out and empties his thick batch all over Tristen’s cum-covered cock and abs.

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Jason fucks straight boy Chad

Broke Straight Boys

Since Jason was an old hand at giving blowjobs, he went first, grasping Chad’s dick in one hand and swallowing it down. Right away, Jason had Chad sighing in pleasure as he slid the long dick in and out of his mouth. Slowly bobbing up and down, Jason broke off for a moment in order to exclaim, ‘that’s monstrous!’ before going back down.

Wrapping a hand around his own dick, Jason tossed off even as he pulled out all the tricks as he sucked on Chad’s cock. In a daring move, Jason let the large dick slide all the way down his throat but quickly pulled off, eyes watering even as he choked. It didn’t matter to Chad though, he was loving every moment of the expert cock sucking, even going so far as to encourage Jason to go down further by pressing on the back of his neck.

Now, it was time for Chad to show Jason just how much he had learnt so far. Leaning over, Chad slid the hard dick into his wet mouth and started bobbing up and down even as he played with his own cock. There was no doubt that Chad was enjoying the taste of cock and Jason was more than appreciative as he moaned in delight. Jason was loving the blowjob so much, I told him to show off Chad’s ass hole so that the Broke Straight Boy’s members could see what he would soon be fucking.

He quickly complied even as he grinned while he watched Chad experimenting with his dick. I had an idea so when Chad pulled off for some much needed air, I asked him if he had ever had his ass licked. Chad, of course, replied that he hadn’t so I told Jason to get to work. Chad lay down on the bed, knees bent back and legs up in the air while Jason knelt between them. Pushing Chad’s legs right back, Jason bent down and started to lick Chad’s ass.

This was totally new for Chad and from his expression, he really wasn’t sure what to think as Jason ran his tongue along his ass hole. Soon enough though, Chad was loving it, admitting that although it felt pretty weird, it also felt awesome. With Chad so relaxed, Jason decided they would start the fucking as soon as possible so he rolled on the condom and was able to slid into Chad’s ass in one go.

Chad clutched at the side of the bed with one hand and cupped his balls with the other, all the while, Jason set himself a steady pace. It wasn’t long before Jason was thrusting in and out in a fast rhythm, making Chad moan in pleasure. Jason was going faster, punishing Chad’s ass but Chad was loving it. The two boys had a great connection, grinning at each other even as they couldn’t stop touching one another.

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Fucked in exchange for cash!

Straight boy gets fucked for cash

Elija was in desperate need of cash when he called us in reply to an online ad. He basically said would be willing to do anything for 500 bucks! We flew him down to our studios and briefed him. He flipped out when we told him it would be on film. So we told him we would cover his face. Enrique was the lucky boy to break in his virgin ass hole. Elija screams when Enrique penetrates his tight hole! How I love virgin straight boys!

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Rocco fucks Colin’s tight ass

Broke Straight Boys trial membership

Today, we welcome back Rocco who is in the studio along with Colin. The boys stood up and stripped off their t-shirts and shorts, getting themselves naked in record time. Rocco had obviously come prepared as even as he undressed, he was rock hard so I told Colin to get busy with a dick in his mouth as he worked on getting himself hard.

Standing on the bed, Rocco moaned in delight as Colin slowly started sucking on his thick dick. As Colin jerked himself off, Rocco took charge by placing a hand on top of Colin’s head and gently face fucking him. Minutes later, Colin took back control by wrapping a hand around Rocco’s cock and sucking on it at his leisure, breaking off every now and again to lick up and down the long shaft.

There was no doubt that Rocco was enjoying the way Colin treated his dick like a favorite candy bar, both boys were panting hard. As Colin broke off for some much needed air, Rocco took the opportunity to resume thrusting his cock in and out of Colin’s mouth, something that Colin was happy to let him do and even opened his mouth up wide so that Rocco could fuck his face easier.

Now, it was Rocco’s turn to wrap his lips around Colin’s dick. Colin stayed on his knees but leaned back, thrusting his cock out, ready for Rocco to suck. Rocco sat down in front of Colin and leaned forward, letting the hard shaft slid into his straight boy mouth. Right away, Colin was in heaven as he enjoyed the feel of Rocco’s mouth surrounding his dick and even rested a hand on the back of Rocco’s neck to encourage him to go down further.

As Rocco bobbed up and down, Colin took the initiative to do his own face fucking, Rocco holding his head still as Colin slowly thrust in and out. By now, both the boys had worked up a hard sweat, however, it was time for Colin to take Rocco’s cock in another way. Continue…

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