May 13 2011

Jadizon sucks a straight boy

Straight Rent Boys

Director David Adamson of D&E Productions made a lucky score! With the help of his hunky straight Latin escort Jadizon, they found the hottest pick-up place for Straight Rent Boys just a few miles from their studio. This park is literally a hot bed of rent boy activitity and it didn’t take long until they found hot Straight rent boy Blake.

Blake is a hot Straight guy that was afraid of David’s cameras at first, but after earning only $50 bucks doing a jack off show and sleeping on the beach, he was willing to go the extra mile for some cash, a shower, food, and a place to sleep. David got him back to his place with Jadizon.

He’d never sucked the dick or had any gay sex before, and being that he is such a good looking straight guy, he looked like he’d be a perfect candidate to enter David’s gay for pay bootcamp with Jadizon. Jadizon got to suck some delicious straight boy cock, Blake earned more then $50 bucks, and he got some great ‘on the job’ training. Looks like all the Straight Rent Boys are well fed and getting rich at!

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