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Hot jock Logan for Sean Cody

Logan jerks off for Sean Cody

Logan is a bit of a gear head. He loves the whole process of getting his hands greasy and polishing up junkers to make them look brand new. “I’ve been working on cars my whole life. I remember being little and helping my dad out by passing him tools. I thought I was actually helping back then… but I was just in the way. We had a lot of fun though.”

These days, Logan has been elbow deep working to fix up an old Camaro. “I bought this piece of shit for basically nothing and I’m almost done. I’m really proud of it!” He really brightened up when it came to talking about cars, but this guy is really cute and I wanted to see what he had under his clothes!

Once he got naked, I saw that Logan had a tight little body with thick, tree-trunk thighs leading up to a beautiful bubble butt. “You’ve got a nice ass!” “Thanks,” he blushed. “It’s just a butt… everyone has one.” I love guys who are modest and shy!

“Your dick,” I said, “it has a nice head on it!” And it was true. Logan had a nice,perfectly proportioned cock. “Thanks!” he laughed. “I guess he’s my little soldier and that’s his helmet!”

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Jeffrey fucks Campbell at Sean Cody

Campbell has made it no secret that he loves a good fucking. He can ride a dick like there is no tomorrow. He’s very much the right guy to help break in someone that has never fucked a man’s ass before. After watching Jeffrey explore his ass during his first video, I had the feeling that perhaps he would be willing to go further with another guy. I didn’t want to scare him off by asking him to get fucked… so I offered him Campbell’s ass instead.

“Are you excited about getting fucked today?” I asked Campbell. The question was more a rhetorical one — a conversation starter — but the answer was one that I already knew. “I love getting fucked!” He repled with no hesitation and a huge grin on his face. I switched my attention to Jeffrey, “What do you think it’s going to be like?” “Ummm, not sure. We’ll find out.” “Are you curious about what it’s like to have sex with a guy?” There was a pause… “Yeah, I’m a little curious.”

Jeffrey then positioned Campbell with his legs up the the air, allowing for long deep strokes into Campbell’s hairy hole. His military persona showing through, Jeffrey fucked harder and harder as Campbell moaned with every pounding. Jeffrey was surprisingly aggressive but Campbell, as always, somehow managed to take control and true to form, rode his thick dick until they both came!

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