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Sex in Public with Ricky Sinz

Gay sex in public places

In this week’s Out In Public update I’m here chilling with my boy Ricky Sinz and this guy is horny! We snatch the first guy we see and start throwing some game his way til the dude just agrees to everything we say.

It was pretty I have to admit but hey I guess the dude liked my boy Rick and all the sins they were about to commit! So he comes with us and my boy just lets this guy have it in every which way — well, only one way if you know what I mean. I hope you guys enjoy this update. It was quite surprising how easy we snatched this guy from the streets, but hey at the end we all had some fun and that’s all that really matters.

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Gay Sex in Public Places

Out In Public is a great site for people who love the excitement of having sex in public places. In this episode, the guys from Out In Public are trying to find a pervert who is willing to fuck Santos in a store of a gasoline station. It doesn’t take long before they find a good looking guy who is in for some excitement and agrees to have his dick sucked and fuck Santos tight ass.

At first, the guys are pretty nervous since customers keep coming into the store. Sure this isn’t Walmart during a sale, but still the chance of being caught is pretty high and the guys can end up in jail for having sex in public. Once both guys got all horned up, they only pay attention to eachother and they totally seem to forget about the people around them. The stranger has a beautiful thick cock and Santos really enjoys the pounding.

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