May 30 2012

Gabriel Clark fucks Pierre Fitch

Gabriel Clark fucks Pierre Fitch

Produced and directed by CockyBoys and available on Naked Sword. Love comes in many shapes and sizes. Masculine tops have no problem flipping over and taking it hard and deep from other hard pounding guys here. You ain’t a real Cocky Boy til you take it as good as you give it. The love between Gabriel Clark and Pierre Fitch ain’t puppy love… It’s Tough Love

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Apr 19 2012

Is Chris Crocker finally ready for porn?

In June 2011, the “leave Britney alone” guy Chris Crocker shocked friends and enemies by telling the world he would be in porn very soon. DJ and gay porn producer Chi Chi LaRue scouted him and wanted to pair him up with Brent Everett. They still would make a hot pair and I hope they will be matched, but recently Chris Crocker mentioned he wants to fuck cocky boy Jake Bass.

Chris says he has been texting with Jake a few times and he also said, he has jerked off on Jake several times. I really don’t care if Chris gets to fuck Brent or Jake… both guys are hot and I would love to see Chris pounding one of them.

BUT… it’s April now and we still haven’t seen Chris in action. He has posted some new nude pictures on his blog and you can tell he has been working out. He looks even hotter than he did last year. So, is he finally ready to get into porn? All we can do is keep an eye on Naked Sword, cause that’s the site that will be offering the first video.

Naked Sword offers $1 trial memberships, which gives you access to their huge gay porn archive and hopefully to Chris’ video too (soon).

Here are the pictures Chris posted last year:

Is Chris Crocker finally ready for porn?

Chris Crocker wants to fuck Jake Bass

And here are his more recent nude pictures. Don’t you think he looks even better?

Chris Crocker poses nude

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Apr 15 2012

Twelve Brazilian hotties suck and fuck

Naked Sword

An awesome collection of 12 of the hottest men in Brazil. Pedro experiences 12+ incher Alex, then flips him over and fucks him too! Grillo and Lucas give new meaning to sex in the great outdoors, Jefferson and Kaike do the nasty beside the river and we’ve also included two very awesome threesomes to keep you nuttin’ over and over again!

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Apr 2 2012

Troy Haydon fucks Ari Sylvio hard

Troy Haydon fucks Ari Sylvio

A high-powered executive, Ari Sylvio needed a little break from the office grind by taking lunch at The Nob Hill Theater, a legendary San Francisco institution of sexual depravity. Alone in the dark theater, Ari is enjoying the movie when tattooed British hunk Troy Haydon walks in and starts checking him out.

Only one problem: both Troy and Ari are in long-term relationships with other men. But like so many others … they’re bored with what they’ve got. They both find themselves at a crossroads: Do they stay or do they go?

As Troy slides into the seat next to Ari, licks his palm and starts jacking him off… it’s not too hard to imagine what they both decided: Right off the bat, their sexual chemistry is explosive! Kissing, sucking and fucking in public: not usually the template for a budding romance, but something that afternoon clicked!

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Feb 27 2012

Rio Cum Hunters: Renato fucks Pedro

Rio Cum Hunters

We find Renato Morales and Pedro Andrade sharing some intense looks and heavy petting. Renato’s cock is trying to fight its way out of his board shorts while he gropes and licks Pedro. Once he gets that beast out, you wonder how he ever kept it bound up. He gets it down Pedro’s neck before returning the favor and taking some meat into his own mouth.

Both guys seem to enjoy sucking dick and gorge themselves before Renato finally dives ball deep into Pedro’s bubble butt. Renato’s face tells it all. Pedro’s fist pumping his own cock while he gets pounded let’s us know that he’s right where he wants to be too… for the time being.

Ol’ Renato gets what he gives when Pedro bends him over some shelves and takes some revenge on his ass. Renato’s face, again, tells us what we need to know and that is that he’s not been fucked for a while. In the end, Pedro’s back on his knees wearing two loads of cum.

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Jan 27 2012

Golden Gate: Season 4 (Final episode)

Golden Gate - final episode

Get ready for the unforgettable Golden Gate season four finale, which was shot on location in New York City. The “Tourist Season” finale, part of a collaboration with NYC-based CockyBoys, features two of the industry’s biggest stars, Tommy Defendi and Phenix Saint, and was directed by the legendary Ray Dragon.

The visually arresting episode stunningly captures the energy and vibe of New York City—just as previous episodes have embodied the spirit of another big city, San Francisco—and its most passionate men, making it everything that NakedSword members have loved about Golden Gate.

Jimmy (played by Tommy Defendi) is a little out of his element in NYC, but he’s reinvigorated by the power of the city and sets out to explore. But, when he stumbles upon a tattoo shop and its artist, Alex (played by Phenix Saint), everything stops. Has Jimmy found a new place to call home? One thing is certain, Alex gives Jimmy much, much more than just a tattoo!

Stay tuned for a new season of Golden Gate this spring!!

A word from the NakedSword CEO:

NakedSword CEO Tim Valenti says “I know it’s only the end of January, but this will be one of the hottest episodes released this year. It’s everything that Golden Gate has always been about since the first season.” He adds, “And due to the huge success and member reaction, I’m proud to announce that we will be back later this year with another season!”

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