Jan 4 2011

Turner fucks Austin

The new semester continues to heat up with Austin “breaking” Turner’s cherry. Turner had already told us he was a fan of the site. He also admitted to us in this video that he thinks Dru is cute. Who doesn’t think that? But we’re not going to pair the new guy up with his dream fuck right away. No, he’ll need to do a little work for that!

Not that fucking Austin is anything but a dream job. Austin and Turner kiss. Austin pushes Turner down onto the bed, kissing his neck and shoulders. He makes his way down to Turner’s crotch, rubbing Turner’s cock through his jeans. Austin undoes Turner’s jeans, ready to suck his dick.

However, Turner takes the upper hand! He pushes Austin down so he can pull off his shorts. In no time, he’s deepthroating Austin’s thick cock. Austin’s stiff as a board immediately. He turns the tables on Turner and goes down on him. He licks the shaft and the head of Turner’s dick before he swallows his long cock to the root. The guys kiss and stroke their dicks.

Turner wets the head of Austin’s dick with his tongue. He flips Austin onto all fours and rims his ass. Austin pants and moans in pleasure. Turner smacks Austin’s bubble butt and sticks his tongue deeply into his hole. Austin flips over and gasps as Turner sucks and strokes his cock. Turner kisses Austin’s leg and foot, then goes back to work on that dick. “Oh, keep sucking” Austin says.

Austin stands up so Turner can keep enjoying that big cock in his mouth. After the blow job, Turner shoves his dick into Austin’s perfect ass. Slamming deep inside him, Turner spreads Austin’s legs wide apart. Austin has an excited grin on his face. I can tell he’s thoroughly enjoying the ride from this hot new freshman! Turner pounds him deep. And fast. Austin strokes his hard cock as Turner fucks him with his big dick. Austin switches position into doggy-style. Turner hammers him hard. It’s hot watching Austin’s fat cock bounce up and down as Turner keeps slamming home into his ass.

Austins says, “Yeah, right there!” Turner fucks him even harder. The intense pleasure makes Austin moan uncontrollably. Flipping Austin back onto his back, Turner shoves his long dick deep into Austin’s hole. Turner fucks a huge, hot load out of Austin’s dick and all over his ripped abs.

Turner follows up by pulling out and spraying his thick load all over Austin’s cock and balls. Turner’s dick keeps pumping cum out ! The two kiss. Now that Turner’s been “broken in,” I have a feeling there won’t be any stopping him!

Download the full video here

Sep 21 2010

Marc’s solo shoot for Corbin Fisher

Marc is an athletic 20 year old guy with a gorgeous tanned body. He’s straight and single at the moment. While he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he has no problems getting laid – well that’s not a surprise with a body like that. He works out at least 4 times a week and he loves to skateboard. No wonder, he got such a great body!

Today, Marc does his first video shoot for Corbin Fisher. We start off in the open air, where he undresses and shows off what he got in store for us. He’s got a nice 7 inch cock and it not affraid to show it.  He ends the shoot indoors, where he gives us quite a show. Marc pinches his nipples and breathes heavily as he strokes his cock. His cock is rock-hard during the entire shoot. He shoots his load while he is on his knees and his cockhead is soaked with creamy cum.

This jock certainly is another good catch for Corbin Fisher and we hope to see more of him in the future. It would be great if we would see him paired up with another guy. Well, let’s pray for it!

Download the full video at Corbin Fisher

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