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College boys fuck for cash

Eric and Reigner were recently invited to come over to the Broke College Boys frathouse. To cover their huge college expenses, the broke college hunks agreed to have sex in front of the camera. This episode starts with a lot of kissing (you just gotta love kissing college boys), but it doesn’t take long before they loose their pants and start sucking on each other’s cocks.

Both Eric and Reigner have thick cocks and it is hot to see them working on those big cocks and deepthroat each other. At some point I thought Eric was going to gag. It was Reigner that couldn’t wait any longer, cause he wanted to feel Eric’s big cock deep inside him. Eric is happy to meet his demands and fucks him on the table. You can hear Reigner moan with every thrust of Eric’s cock.

I always find it hot to see the guy with the bigger dick getting fucked and that is exactly what happens in this episode. I have watched this video a few times, because it was so horny to see Reigner’s big dick bouncing up and down, while he’s getting fucked by Eric. At the end of the day the boys left the house with empty balls and full wallets.

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