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Mr. Hand and Phillip

Phillip and Mr. Hand at BoyGusher

It is always a happy day when I can get a hot and sexy smooth skinned twink into the apartment for some hand love. Phillip fit my dreams and it was a dream come true that I could bring him in and get him to play with his cock for the cameras.

He took his time working his cock into a hard rock in his black shorts. It wasn’t surprising to find that he had on tightie whities under those black shorts. Phillip seems like the straight uptight type. The type you normally don’t find sitting in your living room playing with his cock.

When Mr. Hand sat down by him and opened up that lube I thought Phillip was going to bolt right there, but he held on and allowed Mr. Hand to work his magic on his hard cock. You could tell that he was nervous, but Mr. Hand worked hard to relax him and make him feel good.

Mr. Hand did something unusual for us, he got Phillip to stand up and he went behind him and encircled his waist, jerking on his hard cock which was different, but looked like a lot of fun. From this angle you can tell that his cock is hard and big. Phillip begins to smile and moan as his cock is stroked in that position.

He lets him sit down again, as he adds more lube to his hands and reaches over to jerk on that throbbing cock some more. At this point Phillip is really into what Mr. Hand is doing to his cock. He even lets him squeeze and tease his nipples while his cock is being stroked.¬†With Mr. Hand stroking and playing with his ball sack it doesn’t take Phillip long before his hips are bucking and his cock explodes its salty blast.

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