Feb 29 2012

Hairy muscle jock Omar

Chaosmen solo

Omar is of Middle-Eastern descent but grew up in the Southwestern U.S. Basically an All-American guy.

It took a while to get Omar in to the studio. Just after scheduling  his solo, he hurt his back doing some squats.  I think it was the second time he had really injured himself, and found that he was basically trapped in his bed.  All kinds of naughty ideas ran through my head at that thought, but my guess is he was would not be able to move around, much less play.

It took him almost a month to get mobile and then hit the gym for about a week. He is very conscientious about his build, and wanted to be in the best shape possible. After being laid up for so long, he didn’t feel a week was enough to get back in shape, but he sent some pictures and I told him he was being silly. He looked awesome!

He was happy that he didn’t have to shave his body hair. His ethnic heritage is known for being hairy, and he says he is tired of fighting the battle against his body hair.  At last he had an excuse to to put the razor down!

Omar does pretty well with the ladies, but has such a pleasant demeanor, that he doesn’t sound cocky at all. He just sounds satisfied that things go smoothly for him. He doesn’t jerk-off but two to three times a week, so not too often, but he knows his body well enough to put on a good show for us.

He plays beautifully to the still camera as well as the video, and his orgasm is one of the most intense on the site.

Omar has had a guy suck on him when he had sex with a male/female couple, so doesn’t seem that adverse to doing more.  As of writing this though, he hasn’t committed to doing an oral. We’ll see. He had lots of fun, and the more mature he has gotten, the less uptight he has become.

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Feb 27 2012

Rio Cum Hunters: Renato fucks Pedro

Rio Cum Hunters

We find Renato Morales and Pedro Andrade sharing some intense looks and heavy petting. Renato’s cock is trying to fight its way out of his board shorts while he gropes and licks Pedro. Once he gets that beast out, you wonder how he ever kept it bound up. He gets it down Pedro’s neck before returning the favor and taking some meat into his own mouth.

Both guys seem to enjoy sucking dick and gorge themselves before Renato finally dives ball deep into Pedro’s bubble butt. Renato’s face tells it all. Pedro’s fist pumping his own cock while he gets pounded let’s us know that he’s right where he wants to be too… for the time being.

Ol’ Renato gets what he gives when Pedro bends him over some shelves and takes some revenge on his ass. Renato’s face, again, tells us what we need to know and that is that he’s not been fucked for a while. In the end, Pedro’s back on his knees wearing two loads of cum.

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Feb 16 2012

Anthony Romero, Steven and Sergio Long

Anthony Romero, Steven Shields and Sergio Long

Steven Shields has a new toy in his garage and he can’t wait to show it off. It’s big and powerful and raring to go. Anthony Romero and his boy toy, Sergio Long, are not that impressed with the ATV Steven is straddling, but the toy between his legs is a whole ‘nother story.

When it comes to horsepower, Anthony would definitely rather see what Steven is packing under the hood, and he wastes no time finding out, diving face first into Steven’s zipper and going straight for the cock.

Sergio jealously watches from the sidelines, pulling out his dick and stroking it, but without permission to join, he is forced to watch Anthony bring Steven to red line status before taking him balls deep in his ass. Steven really opens up the throttle ashe pounds Anthony’s ass, before he finally blows a gasket all over Anthony’s chest.

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Feb 11 2012

Christian Wilde fucks Trey Turner

Christian Wilde fucks Trey Turner

Trey Turner is renting a room from his landlord Christian Wilde, but being around him all day is almost too much for Trey to handle. Every night Trey dreams of Christian entering his room, his dick sliding into Trey’s hole without either of them saying a word – Trey needs to see Christian’s dick now! Trey has decided that the only way to see Christian’s dick is to setup a spy cam in his bedroom, but then his dream becomes reality

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Feb 6 2012

Jet solo for Chaosmen

Jet solo at Chaosmen

Jet is best friends with Solomon.  They had not seen each other in a while, and when they finally touch-based, Solomon told him he was doing guy-on-guy porn. Jet said he was hooked up with a company too, and when they discussed what each was getting paid, Solomon was like, “Dude, you need to come work at ChaosMen!” So I guess I am still on the upper end of pay.

Jet was super excited to come work for me, mostly cuz Solomon gave me a ringing endorsement. And he did have fun. Loved doing the solo with the computer and the toy. He is way into it and he even fingers his ass for us.  He is down for oral, and pretty sure he will eventually do full on work.

His solo is awesome and his Serviced video next week is amazing too. Glad to have him as part of the team!

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