Oct 20 2011

Fucked in exchange for cash!

Straight boy gets fucked for cash

Elija was in desperate need of cash when he called us in reply to an online ad. He basically said would be willing to do anything for 500 bucks! We flew him down to our studios and briefed him. He flipped out when we told him it would be on film. So we told him we would cover his face. Enrique was the lucky boy to break in his virgin ass hole. Elija screams when Enrique penetrates his tight hole! How I love virgin straight boys!

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Oct 17 2011

Rocco fucks Colin’s tight ass

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Today, we welcome back Rocco who is in the studio along with Colin. The boys stood up and stripped off their t-shirts and shorts, getting themselves naked in record time. Rocco had obviously come prepared as even as he undressed, he was rock hard so I told Colin to get busy with a dick in his mouth as he worked on getting himself hard.

Standing on the bed, Rocco moaned in delight as Colin slowly started sucking on his thick dick. As Colin jerked himself off, Rocco took charge by placing a hand on top of Colin’s head and gently face fucking him. Minutes later, Colin took back control by wrapping a hand around Rocco’s cock and sucking on it at his leisure, breaking off every now and again to lick up and down the long shaft.

There was no doubt that Rocco was enjoying the way Colin treated his dick like a favorite candy bar, both boys were panting hard. As Colin broke off for some much needed air, Rocco took the opportunity to resume thrusting his cock in and out of Colin’s mouth, something that Colin was happy to let him do and even opened his mouth up wide so that Rocco could fuck his face easier.

Now, it was Rocco’s turn to wrap his lips around Colin’s dick. Colin stayed on his knees but leaned back, thrusting his cock out, ready for Rocco to suck. Rocco sat down in front of Colin and leaned forward, letting the hard shaft slid into his straight boy mouth. Right away, Colin was in heaven as he enjoyed the feel of Rocco’s mouth surrounding his dick and even rested a hand on the back of Rocco’s neck to encourage him to go down further.

As Rocco bobbed up and down, Colin took the initiative to do his own face fucking, Rocco holding his head still as Colin slowly thrust in and out. By now, both the boys had worked up a hard sweat, however, it was time for Colin to take Rocco’s cock in another way. Continue…

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Oct 13 2011

Aidyn barebacks Derek

Aidyn barebacks Derek

Not just anyone can handle premium dick like Derek, with his nice round ass, was definitely up for the challenge. This scene between these two studs is spectacular. Nothing gets the blood pumpin’ like some good oral action and bareback fucking. Once Aidyns’ cock found Derek’s ripe and willing ass to pound, these two horny studs take it to the limits with a cum facial at the end.

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Oct 2 2011

Blowing a straight New Yorker

Doug gets his big cock sucked at New York Straight Men

Doug was out riding his bike all over Manhattan but needed to dump a load, so he stopped over to get sucked. He was wearing these really hot 70’s style tube socks, so we asked him to leave ’em while the resident cocksucker serviced him. He didn’t care as long as his big cock was in a wet mouth!

Trey didn’t mind that Doug was sweaty and had some “city grime” on him, infact it made it better! Doug really enjoyed the blowjob and shot a heavy load. He said it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon or anyway afternoon for that matter.

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