Look who’s getting into Porn

Chris Crocker to fuck Brent Everett

Porn producer, DJ and drag diva Chi Chi LaRue has scouted this guy for a new gay porn movie, which is not a really surprise, cause that’s part of Chi Chi’s job. The fact that makes it special is that the guy in question is a famous YouTube star. I can’t blame you for not recognizing him right away, but the guy is Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker.

Chris Crocker for Naked Sword

After Chris Crocker made this shrieking and tearful YouTube video to support Britney Spears in 2007, he became a real internet sensation. With his new haircut and beefed up body, he gets a lot of attention again. He transformed into quite a cute and hot guy. Chi Chi noticed his new looks as well and has offered him a role in one of his upcoming gay porn movies.

In the new movie, that will be available through Naked Sword, he will be paired up with one of the most popular gay porn stars, Brent Everett. Contrarily to what you might expect, Chris Crocker is a top. Brent rarely bottoms, but he’s going to spread his legs for Chris Crocker. We’ll be waiting for a Brent Everett fan to posts a video on YouTube, telling Chris to leave Brent Everett alone.

Brent Everett and Chris Crocker at Naked Sword

We’re curious what the video will be like, but they’ll probably make a hot pair. Keep an eye on Naked Sword, which by the way offers $1 trial memberships, who will offer the Chris Crocker and Brent Everett movie.

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