Steven Daigle fucks Braxton Bond

­­We have two blasts from the past on as we welcome back Steven Daigle and Braxton Bond. Steven starts to check out Braxton’s new ink that he got out in Los Angeles. The dragon on Braxton’s arm gives Steven a reason to finally touch Braxton and as he gets the tattoo tour. Discovery turns into fondling as Steven starts to lick and kiss on Braxton.

They start to make out before tumbling onto the chaise. Steven’s curiosity gets the better of him as he undoes Braxton’s shorts and takes Braxton’s growing cock in his mouth. Braxton moans in ecstasy as Steven worships his meat and licks on his nuts. Steven then whips out his own cock and offers it to Braxton. Braxton takes to his cock like a hungry calf as Steven pounds his throat.

Steven then bends Braxton over the chair so he can get his tongue up into that hot hole. Braxton moans as Steven tongue fucks that ass getting it ready for more. “Fuck my ass” Braxton begs as Steven goes to it. Steven bends Braxton over and slides his thick cock deep inside that ass. That tight hole feels amazing wrapped around his meat and he starts to pound away.

Braxton bucks back wanting every inch of Steven buried inside him. “Yeah that ass feels good” Steven grunts as he watches his cock disappear into Braxton’s hungry hole. They switch it up as Steven sits back and watches Braxton ride his dick. Braxton bounces his hot ass on his meat as his own cock bounces up and down like a diving board as he gets nailed.

Braxton can’t help but jack his dick as he’s taking Steven’s cock and it sends him over the edge as he lies back and cums all over himself with Steven still buried inside him. Steven then pulls out and jacks out a huge load all over himself and Braxton as he empties his nuts as well.

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