Feb 26 2011

Two thugs fuck a white ass

Robbie recently had his heart broken by his ex girlfriend. Poor him.. NOT! He left a bar drunk as fuck, we saw him lying on the floor and pick him up! We told him we were shooting a reality TV show, so he was talking all this shit on the cam. We had him pound some more beer and then we took him home.

We stripped him naked and had him swallow our big black cocks. The little white bitch sucked our cocks real good and we decided to go for his tight ass. We really rocked his white ass and fucked the poor guy in different positions. We left him totally covered in cum!

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Feb 25 2011

Steven Daigle fucks Braxton Bond

­­We have two blasts from the past on MenOver30.com as we welcome back Steven Daigle and Braxton Bond. Steven starts to check out Braxton’s new ink that he got out in Los Angeles. The dragon on Braxton’s arm gives Steven a reason to finally touch Braxton and as he gets the tattoo tour. Discovery turns into fondling as Steven starts to lick and kiss on Braxton.

They start to make out before tumbling onto the chaise. Steven’s curiosity gets the better of him as he undoes Braxton’s shorts and takes Braxton’s growing cock in his mouth. Braxton moans in ecstasy as Steven worships his meat and licks on his nuts. Steven then whips out his own cock and offers it to Braxton. Braxton takes to his cock like a hungry calf as Steven pounds his throat.

Steven then bends Braxton over the chair so he can get his tongue up into that hot hole. Braxton moans as Steven tongue fucks that ass getting it ready for more. “Fuck my ass” Braxton begs as Steven goes to it. Steven bends Braxton over and slides his thick cock deep inside that ass. That tight hole feels amazing wrapped around his meat and he starts to pound away.

Braxton bucks back wanting every inch of Steven buried inside him. “Yeah that ass feels good” Steven grunts as he watches his cock disappear into Braxton’s hungry hole. They switch it up as Steven sits back and watches Braxton ride his dick. Braxton bounces his hot ass on his meat as his own cock bounces up and down like a diving board as he gets nailed.

Braxton can’t help but jack his dick as he’s taking Steven’s cock and it sends him over the edge as he lies back and cums all over himself with Steven still buried inside him. Steven then pulls out and jacks out a huge load all over himself and Braxton as he empties his nuts as well.

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Feb 19 2011

Rocket strokes his XL uncut dick

We have seen Rocket before together with Rogue and we immediately knew we would see a lot more of this Latin hottie. We were thrilled to see he’s back in this hot solo jerk off video. Rocket has the most interesting dick; big, uncut and curved. It makes you wonder how it feels getting fucked by that monster cock. Well, we will probably never gonna find out, but we are happy with this hot treat!

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Feb 12 2011

Austin Wilde fucks Hunter Ford

Hunter Ford is pretty much fed up with his boyfriend. The guy keeps breaking promises, breaking dates, and Hunter is suspicious that he is cheating with his new assistant. Austin Wilde has been waiting in the wings, trying to get land Hunter for quite some time, and when Hunter’s boyfriend breaks yet another date on their anniversary, Austin knows this is his opportunity. With a few choice words, he has finally gotten inside Hunter’s head, and in no time at all, he gets inside Hunter’s pants.

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Feb 8 2011

Jeffrey fucks Campbell at Sean Cody

Campbell has made it no secret that he loves a good fucking. He can ride a dick like there is no tomorrow. He’s very much the right guy to help break in someone that has never fucked a man’s ass before. After watching Jeffrey explore his ass during his first video, I had the feeling that perhaps he would be willing to go further with another guy. I didn’t want to scare him off by asking him to get fucked… so I offered him Campbell’s ass instead.

“Are you excited about getting fucked today?” I asked Campbell. The question was more a rhetorical one — a conversation starter — but the answer was one that I already knew. “I love getting fucked!” He repled with no hesitation and a huge grin on his face. I switched my attention to Jeffrey, “What do you think it’s going to be like?” “Ummm, not sure. We’ll find out.” “Are you curious about what it’s like to have sex with a guy?” There was a pause… “Yeah, I’m a little curious.”

Jeffrey then positioned Campbell with his legs up the the air, allowing for long deep strokes into Campbell’s hairy hole. His military persona showing through, Jeffrey fucked harder and harder as Campbell moaned with every pounding. Jeffrey was surprisingly aggressive but Campbell, as always, somehow managed to take control and true to form, rode his thick dick until they both came!

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Feb 5 2011

Broke Straight Boy Rex

Rex is the latest broke straight boy to apply to the studio to be a model.As he is pretty cute, I got him to come in for a solo shoot, however, hedidn’t appear in the studio on time so after trying him on his cell phoneand getting an engaged signal, I eventually spotted him sitting on the curboutside the studio.

I went out to bring him inside, telling Rex that we werewaiting on him when he admitted that he was nervous. He was on thephone discussing it over with his girlfriend who ended up telling him to doit. Once in the studio, I got him to sit down on the futon and we chatted sothat he could relax a bit more.

As we talked, I found out that Rex is a straight guy and engaged to themother of his child. Rex stood up and stripped off his t-shirt, telling methat he was 5′ 9″ and weighed around 125 pounds. He had a skinny twink type of body with quite a few tattoo’s and pierced ears and lip. Taking off his shorts, I got him to turn around in his white undies and show his ass to the camera.

Underwear taken off and thrown to the side, Rex sat backdown on the futon, and with the straight porn playing, started wanking off.Only a few minutes into it, Rex was pretty hard so I got him to stand upand show off his cock for the Broke Straight Boy’s members. His cock wasso nice, I couldn’t help but reach out and give it a few strokes myself, Rexadmitting that it was the first time a guy had touched his cock. Continue…

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