Jan 29 2011

Kameron sucks two big uncut cocks

We find Kameron watching Parker Perry and Chris Wolfe stroking their dicks outside. Kameron is so turned on by the sight of their huge throbbing cocks that he can’t help but play with his own shaft. It’s not long before he’s over there wrapping his mouth around their thick rods, sucking them like a true pro. These guys are hung and Kameron knows exactly what to do with their thick uncut dicks. Parker and Chris finally cover him with their cum, with Kameron licking up every drop.

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Jan 27 2011

Dario Dolce and Dolph Lambert flipflop

It doesn’t take much for a day of hanging out to turn into hot steamy sex when you have Dolph Lambert & Dario Dolce together. The boys are just hanging around but soon enough they are taking their clothes off and engrossed in hot passion. Dario works on Dolphs big uncut cock and sweet bubble ass before he gives it a quick fuck. Very soon after its Darios turn to take Dolphs cock deep in his tight ass. Enjoy this special scene filmed by Kristen Bjorn from BelAmiOnline.com!

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Jan 25 2011

Christian Sharp is….. HOT!

When you’re around so many hot guys all the time it makes you a little self-conscious.  So I try to visit the gym as often as I can.  The problem is, I always get so distracted by all the beautiful bodies.  So there I was, working on my biceps, when I spy the most gorgeous guy.  He had worked up quite a sweat and his musky scent hit me as he walked past, making me have to dive for cover on the bikes so people wouldn’t see my huge woody.

Luckily the bikes were in just the right position for me to be able to watch him do pull ups, and don’t tell me you’ve never secretly spied on a guy at the gym.  His shirt would lift up giving me a perfect view of his flat stomach and developing six-pack.  I could tell through his shirt that he had a beautiful set of pecs and the shorts he was wearing revealed that he wasn’t lacking in that department either.  After the workout I started chatting him up in the locker room.

His name was Christian Sharp and he was visiting from Florida.  I gave him my card and when he showed up at my office I knew right then and there that he was going to be big.  It turns out his sexy body is due to his love for athletics and that he was a wrestler and soccer player for many years.  That made me very happy because it meant that gay or straight he was used to having big, sweaty guys touching his body.

I asked him if he had any problem with showing off his body and he gave me this huge adorable smile and told me he used to have a part time job standing shirtless outside a clothing store.  With a body covered in just the right amount of fur, a face so adorable he could stop traffic and a cock that would make any man’s mouth water, Christian Sharp is destined to become the next Randy Blue superstar.

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Jan 23 2011

Real Amateur Guys Exposed!

Here’s a new cool site I want to share with you all. It’s called Boyfriend Nudes and offers tons of real amateur photos and videos. Some of those are submitted by the boys themselves, while others are submitted by pissed of ex-boyfriends. Think about that, the next time you send any nude pictures to your boyfriend 🙂

These is a large variety in guys, from white to black and from boyish to muscular. I even found some very well hung guys, showing off their thick cocks to the rest of the world.

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Jan 18 2011

Kemer Diaz fucks Jesse Bryce

We’ve got two new faces for you this week on ExtraBigDicks.com. The first is Kemer Diaz who is 19 years old and a homegrown favorite from Miami. Hailing from the Volunteer state of Tennessee is 23 year old Jesse Bryce. Jesse has volunteered to help christen Kemer as he makes his first visit to the man to man table. Jesse has gay porn on trying his best to seduce Kemer. “You can’t tell me that that’s not hot” Jesse grins.

Kemer isn’t amused by the all dick scene so Jesse decides to offer a more hands on approach. He starts to grope Kemer’s cock which slowly starts to come to life. Jesse has him stand up so he can get better access to Kemer’s throbbing cock. Jesse opens wide and swallows Kemer’s str8 cock to the hilt. Kemer gasps in awe as he watches his dick disappear. “Are you ready for this ass?” teases Jesse as he gets that thick cock slapped on his face. “Lets see if it fits” teases Kemer before bending him over and sliding that dick deep into his hot ass.

Jesse grunts as Kemer starts to pound him deep. Guess taking it all won’t be a problem this afternoon. “You like that!?” grunts Kemer as he slaps that ass. Kemer then sits back on the floor and orders Jesse to sit on his dick. Jesse squats on that thick cock and starts to ride it. Soon all he has to do is hold steady as Kemer takes over. Kemer is fucking that ass like a champ as he repeatedly bucks up into that hot hole.

At 19, Kemer knows exactly what to do with that thick dick and its driving Jesse wild. Missionary is next as Kemer slams back in for more. That thick dick is wreaking havoc on Jesse’s prostate which is in heaven. Jesse explodes shooting his load all over himself. Kemer isn’t far behind. Once he’s done fucking the cum out of Jesse, he pulls out and jacks off all over Jesse’s cum covered abs.

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Jan 15 2011

Chris Rockway and Gabriel Cross

Chris Rockway is soaping up his sexy athletic body.  Letting his hands roam over his rock hard pecs, chiseled abs and down to his thick meaty cock.  Enter Gabriel Cross.  Not expecting Chris to be naked he’s surprised and excited.  The two start deep kissing while Chris takes some time to get to know this new Randy Blue model in a most personal way.

Gabriel looks amazing.  He’s every bit of the college muscle jock and that sexy British accent of his had Chris so hot before they even started the scene.  Chris wraps his own musular frame around Gabriel and works his hard throbbing dick deep into Gabriel’s hungry hole.  Gabriel can’t get enough of this horny stud and gives him a ride he won’t soon forget.

Then they take things up a notch by doing it doggy style and getting so hot and rough that Gabriel’s practically howling at the moon.  Chris shoots his big thick load all over Gabriel’s back and once Gabriel is sure Chris is satisfied he jerks himself off and shoots his own load all over his smooth six-pack abs.

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