Caleb Strong and Patrick Dunne

Caleb Strong and Patrick Dunne were swimming in the beautiful LA sun one day.  The heat of the day combined with the coolness of the water, not to mention being so close to each other and their hot sexy muscle jock bodies, had them both feeling super horny.  Pretty soon they were back inside and Patrick was working Caleb’s pole.  He’s still new to sucking cock but with each video he finds himself getting more and more into it.

It’s so hot watching him explore these new facets to his sexuality as time goes by.  Then Caleb goes down on Patrick, using his lips and tongue to worship every inch of his shaft, sucking on the head and using his fingers to reach the parts his mouth can’t.  It’s a technique that’s made him very popular with the guys that he’s been with.  Soon Patrick is working his cock into Caleb’s hole, going so far as to fold up his smooth swimmer’s build into a more manageable position.  And with all his athletic ability, Caleb folds up into Patrick’s personal fucktoy.

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