Jack Griffin fucks Dylan Roberts

I was just heading over to College Dudes 24/7 to check out the latest episode, cause one of my favorite college boy models (Jack Griffin) is in it. It was quite a surprise for me to see that the whole site has been re-designed. They did not only change the design, but they’ve also changed the name of the site into College Dudes (without the 24/7). But the best change so far, is that they have added a $1 trial membership!

Some exciting changes for sure, but lets not forget about Jack Griffin, who is paired up with bottom boy Dylan Roberts this time. This scene is quite spectacular, cause you can feel the chemistry between the two of them. After exchanging some blowjobs, Jack goes for Dylan’s hot ass. He first gives his ass a wet tongueing (very hot) and then rides it hard and deep. He pounds Dylan in various positions and Dylan seems to enjoy it!

Although, Dylan is one of those bottoms that doesn’t stay hard all the time, he manages to cum while getting fucked. And boy, what an orgasm it is! But then again, who wouldn’t have an amazing orgasm while getting fucked by Jack Griffin? lol

Grab your one dollar trial membership!

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