Ivan and Mecko fuck a straight redneck

Rebel soldiers Ivan and Mecko found this hot redneck guy deep inside the forest of Tchukistan. After a fight they overpower the poor straight guy and they chain him to a stonewall and beat him up. Marko has no idea what’s happening to him and thinks the rebel soldiers are after his money. As soon as Ivan and Mecko start to undress him and get his cock and balls out of his underwear, he understands what the guys are really after.

The soldiers touch and fondle Marko’s cock and balls just to humiliate him some more. Then they turn him around to play with his virgin straight boys ass. After a while they release the poor guy and Marko thinks they are done with him. In fact the humiliation has just begun! They lead him to an abandoned place, where they chain him to an iron framework. Marko is fully naked now and Ivan gets his huge cock out as well. Ivan demands the poor straight guy to suck his big cock.

Marko is struggling, trying to fight himself away from Ivan’s cock, but Mecko gives his buddy some assistance and pushes Marko’s mouth onto Ivan’s cock. There’s nothing Marko can do as the boys are too strong. Ivan fucks Marko’s mouth very roughly for a long time. Marko is gagging on the big cock he has to suck.

When the guys release Marko, he again thinks they are done with him, but they lead him inside the house to tie him onto a table. Then Ivan pushes his cock back into his mouth again to fuck his face some more. Mecko goes for Marko’s tight ass, stretching it up with his fingers and then ravage his ass with a large dildo. All Marko can do is undergo the abuse and humiliation and scream from pain.

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